Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Rocky Island

This island was created as a meditation area, for the meditation cushion but really you can use it for whatever you want... tai chi, rock concert, viewing platform, cuddle spot, whatever takes your fancy :)

How would you use yours?

The Rocky Island consists of 2 parts (the actual rock and a prim which gives the special effect under water), which are both in a rezbox, so it gets easier to rez them together.
When you click on the rock, it will pop up a menu from which you can adjust textures and tint in 2 different group (rock and platform). The menu also allows you to adjust the size of the rock (with platform) with a simple click.
The big prim that is located under the water also has a menu when you click on it to, giving you the choice of 4 different textures. All at the low, low primmage of 32 and 1 megaprim!

Come and see it instore or on Xstreet.

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