Sunday, 7 November 2010

Cosy Up with Aine

It's been a while since we put out a new release - but we think the Aine Sofa Set is well worth the wait :)

aine blog gif

The Aine Sofa Set is a large, contemporary seating unit and accessories with seats for up to 7 avatars. The sofa has a texture change menu with over 60 textures, up to 6 different animations on the single seats and 10 animated cuddles on the couple spots.

The whole set consists of 5 items which are:

menu driven texture and animation change sofa,
menu driven texture and animation change table,
menu driven texture change rug,
scripted on/off light,
scripted on/off fan

Come and check out the Aine Sofa set in world at Khargo Mainstore or our special introductory offer at the SL Marketplace

More pics can be found here at our photobucket.

5 lucky avatars in our subscriber group have won the Aine Sofa Full Set - watch out for the subscriber news to see if you won!