Friday, 14 November 2014

Five Fridays to Christmas!

The Countdown to Christmas has begun so Khargo Seasonal has updated to the Khargo Christmas and Winter Market in world with some fantastic new releases!

Christmas Campfire

Our newest and favourite Christmas Campfire, perfect for cozy cuddles or hanging out with friends and toasting marshmallows.

The animation change Christmas Campfire has 3 spots to sit: 2 with single and couple animations and 1 with single animations.

1 christmas campfire
- land impact 16
- 112 animations (couples and singles)
- 3 spots to sit (cushion, stump and log)
- fire on/off
- copy, mod

Come and try it in world at Khargo Christmas and Winter Market or on the Marketplace

Christmas Mat

Keep track of your visitors and send them a festive greeting with this Christmas mat.

Available in world and on the Marketplace

This item is made with the best mesh and textures SL has to offer and consists of 1 item which is:
1 christmas mat
- land impact 1
- copy, mod

Christmas Frames

Display your favourite holiday moments in this frame!

This item is made with the best mesh and textures SL has to offer and consists of 1 item which is:
1 christmas frames
- land impact 3
- copy, mod
See this item in world or on the Marketplace.

Friday, 17 October 2014

New Tip Jar Releases

3 great, new releases this weekend at Khargo Tip Jars.  Come and check them out in world or find them on the Marketplace.

Keep your tips safe with the Animated Safe Tip Jar.

Tip the jar to open the door and catch a glimpse of the cash!


All our Tip Jars are now available in both Personal and Log In versions.  Both versions come with a wealth of easily configured options including split tips, adjustable text, particles and gift giving.

Happiness is a Basset Hound!

A low land impact tip jar with a high cuteness factor!

There's a party in this jar and your tips are invited!

A simple tip jar with a great message.


Thursday, 9 October 2014

Ghosts and Gatchas

Halloween Gatcha

Our Halloween Gatcha is now available!

 Our Halloween Gatcha cushions come in 5 spooky flavours: orange, black, purple, red and the rare frankenpillow!  Each cushion is only 2 Land Impact, has 35 single  sit animations and costs only 10 L$ per play.

Find the Gatcha at our in world store now and at the Mieville Halloween Village until the end of October.

Animated Ghost

This not-so-scarey ghost pops up with a friendly Boo! He flies around before sinking back into the ground. The perfect animation for haunted houses or gruesome graveyards.  This ghost has a land impact of 2 and is copy and modify.

Find him haunting the Marketplace or at the Khargo Halloween and Autumn Market

Friday, 3 October 2014

My 60L Secret: The Halloween Edit

My 60L Secret

This weekend for My 60L Secret!  This weekend we're taking part in My 60L Secret sales event. For this event we're offering our animation change Halloween Campfire.  With 3 spots to sit - 2 with both couple and single animations and 1 with single animations, this is the perfect item to celebrate the spooky season.  Normally priced at L$199, this item is available in world and on the Marketplace at the reduced price of 60L for a limited time only.

Caged Pumpkin

So scary it has to be kept in a cage! 0.o

This Halloween decorative item is versatile for indoors or outside.  Resize it smaller to place on a shelf or fireside indoors or use it to spookify your outdoor areas.  See it at our Halloween Market in world or on the Marketplace.

Friday, 26 September 2014

In the Frame

Specially for Halloween - a spooky animated ghost picture!  This item is perfect for your haunted home decor, creepy places and Halloween parties.

Find this item and many more spooky items at our in world store or on the Marketplace

Friday, 12 September 2014

Haunting Home

Create you own Haunted Home with our new Halloween Home items!

Halloween Step Shelf

Curl up and read your spooky, halloween stories on our Halloween Step Shelf! Includes 22 animations (some with props)

Marketplace link

Halloween Skull Table

Create that spooky feeling with our Halloween Skull Table!

Marketplace link 

Halloween Pumpkin Table

The perfect item to have in your home on those spooky, cold nights!

Marketplace link 

Halloween Plant

Countdown to Halloween with our (not very) Creepy Halloween Plant.

Marketplace link 

Halloween Candy Bowl

Treats all the way this Halloween with our Halloween Candy Bowl!
It hands out chocolate or candy corn to whoever touches it. The items can be worn and have an eating animation. 

Marketplace link 

Halloween Hanging Pumpkin

Create some spooky atmosphere inside and out with our Hanging Pumpkin!

Marketplace link 

Halloween Frames

The perfect arrangement of frames for your spooky pictures! Use the pictures provided or create your own collection of Halloween horror.

Marketplace link 

Halloween Bowl

A cute, seasonal decorating item!

Marketplace link 

Halloween Easel

Set the scene this Halloween with our spooky Halloween Easel!

Marketplace link 

And finally...

... just for fun...

Halloween Hopper

Bounce your way through Halloween!

Marketplace link

Find all these items and more at our Halloween Market in world or on the Marketplace.

Friday, 5 September 2014


We're going bats over pumpkins this Halloween at the Khargo Halloween and Fall Market!

Halloween Campfire

Gather around the campfire this Halloween and prepare for hauntingly good fun with those ghosties and ghoulies!  3 spots to sit - 2 with both couple and single animations and 1 with single animations.

Marketplace link

Halloween Bat Tree

Go batty for this creepy tree with flying bats! The perfect item for your Halloween landscaping.

Marketplace link 

Halloween Spider Tree

Send shivers down the spines of your visitors with this Halloween Spider Tree! Sure to be the centre piece of your Halloween landscaping.

Marketplace link 

Halloween Animated Bat in Pumpkin 

Add some cuteness to your Halloween decor with this cute bat in pumpkin - with added flying bats!

Marketplace link 

Halloween Stump

Get stumped with this cute Halloween landscaping decor!

Marketplace link 

Halloween Pumpkin Patch

Decorate your garden with this cute Halloween pumpkin patch! Copy and modify so you can add as many as you want.

Marketplace link 

Halloween Animated Pumpkin

Treat your tricksters with this cute animated pumpkin!

Marketplace link 

Halloween Tombstone

Add some spooky atmosphere to your Halloween decor with this Halloween Tombstone! At only 2 prims you can create a whole graveyard in your own back yard.

Marketplace link

Monday, 1 September 2014

Slipping into Fall

Muahhhahhha!  It's that time again!  Yes, the seasons are about to change.  The leaves will fall and the wind will pick up and bite.

As Autumn approaches we created a selection of Fall foliage to ease us into this gloriously colourful season.  Come and see them at our Halloween and Autumn Market in world.

 Fall Plants - a collection of 10 plants and groups of plants to bring some glorious Fall colour to your landscaping with a low land impact


>>>Click here for the Marketplace<<<

3 Fall Trees -a trio of characterful autumnal trees

>>>Click here for the Marketplace<<<

Fall Privacy Screens - a compilation of 5 different, beautiful, autumnal scenes in 3 different sizes

>>>Click here for the Marketplace<<<