Friday, 15 April 2016

Picture This! 3 New Picture Display Tip Jars

3 New Picture Display Tip Jars

Sign Picture Tip Jar

A simple minimalist sign which fits into pretty much every setting. Again, profile picture for the log in version and whatever picture you want for the personal version.


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Khargo Tip Jars

Arcade Game Picture Tip Jar

This arcade game takes us back to the 90's !!!! It displays your profile picture on the log in version and whichever picture / logo you prefer on the personal version.

Find them on the Marketplace:


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Easel Picture Tip Jar

Feeling arty? Another picture tip jar which show your profile picture ( log in version) or whatever picture you want ( personal version) on the canvas.


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All our tip jars come in 2 versions - Personal and Log In and both versions have a wealth of easily configured options including split tips, adjustable text, particles and gift giving.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Khargo Aquariums for My 60L Secret

How long have you been searching for a great aquarium?

These aquariums are without a doubt the best you've ever seen in SL. We made 2 versions to suit everyone. 1 rectangular version with a nice background to go against a wall,  and 1 without so you can use it in the middle of a room and admire it from all sides.

Khargo Aquariums are normally priced at L$199 but are available for L$60 this weekend only!

This item is made with the best mesh and textures SL has to offer and consists of:

khargo aquarium 1 and 2.
- land impact 13 - 15 depending on the version
- copy, mod
- 3 different texture versions of which 1 is easily to tint in the texture window so you can give it exactly the color you want to fit your style.

Or find them on the Marketplace

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Santa's Treat Table for My 60L Secret

Don't forget Santa and his reindeer this Christmas!

Leave a special treat for Santa and his reindeer with our Santa's Treat Table. Click the table for a menu of hot cocoa or a cookie. Table has treats for santa and carrots for his reindeer.

This item is made with the best mesh and textures SL has to offer and consists of 1 item which is:

1 Christmas santa's treat table.
- land impact 15
- copy, mod
- menu driven treat menu gives items to wear from inventory

Find it in world at Khargo Christmas Market this weekend atr the special price of L$60 for My 60L Secret or on the Marketplace!

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Event and Hunt News

A round up of stuff going on this month!

Candy Cane Lane Gacha Event

 30L$ per play

Candy Cane Lane Gacha Event runs from 12 to 31st December

>>> Candy Cane Lane <<<

Candy Cane 7 Hunt

1 L$

December 1st to 25th

Let It Snow Hunt

 1 L$ hidden or 25L$ at the hunt sign

Deccember 1st to 31st

Marketplace Hunt


Find the Hunt Prize on our Marketplace store!

December 4th to 28th

Jack Frost Nipping at Your Nose Hunt

 1 L$

December 1st to 31st

Merry Christmas Hunt

1 L$

December 1st to 31st

Happy Holidays!

Friday, 27 November 2015

Winter Garden Plants and Trees for My 60L Secret

Create your Winter Wonderland this weekend with our fantastic 60L special offer Winter Garden Plants and Trees collection!

Our new release Winter Trees is a collection of 6 different trees.  Normally selling for L$150,  this weekend they have been paired with our popular Winter Garden Plants for the special price of only L$60!

This offer is available at our Christmas Market in world this weekend only for My 60L Secret.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Khargo Polar Bear for My 60L Secret

Add some Christmas fantasy to your landscaping with this festive polar bear and igloo decorative item.

This item is made with the best mesh and textures SL has to offer and consists of 1 item which is:
- khargo christmas polar bear / igloo
- land impact 25
- copy, modify

Normally priced at L$150, this item is available in world at our Christmas Market and on the Marketplace at the reduced price of 60L for a limited time only.

Friday, 6 November 2015

A Festive Feast and My 60L Secret

Khargo Christmas Market has opened and to celebrate we are introducing the Christmas Dining Set for My 60L Secret this weekend.

Enjoy a romantic celebration dinner for 2 with our Christmas Dining Set.

This item is made with the best mesh, scripts, animations and textures SL has to offer and consists of 2 items which are:

1 christmas dining chair
- mesh
- 1 spot to sit (single animations)
- 12 single animations
- land impact 5
- copy, mod
- props rez/attach on permission with animation

2 christmas dining table
- land impact 12
- copy, mod

Find this item at our new Christmas Market in world or on the Marketplace.

Christmas Stocking Holder

Hang your stocking with care on our cute Stocking Holder. 2 versions with filled and unfilled stockings included.

This item includes:

- christmas stocking holder 1(empty and filled versions)
- christmas stocking holder 2(empty and filled)
- mesh
- land impact 6 / 9 / 10
- copy, mod


Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings to hang by the fireplace.

4 stockings in different colourways.

This item contains:

 christmas stocking (4 colours)
- land impact 3
- copy, modify


Christmas Card Shelf

Fun, Christmas themed decorated shelf.

This item contains:

1  christmas card shelf
 - land impact 9
 - copy, mod


Christmas Poinsettia

Beautiful floral decoration for Christmas

This item contains:

1 Christmas poinsettia
- land impact 8
- copy, mod


Christmas Ho Ho Ho Decoration

Decorate your walls this season with our cute Ho Ho Ho Wall Deco.

This item contains:

1 Christmas Ho Ho Ho Decoration
- land impact 7
- copy, mod


Christmas Cube Shelf 2

Cute box shelves with christmas decorations.

This item contains:

1 christmas cube shelf 2
- land impact 8
- copy, mod


Christmas Winter Frame

A seasonal animated picture, perfect for festive decor.

This item contains:

1 christmas winter frame
- land impact 11
- copy, mod



Free on the Marketplace, 2 wall decals with a festive flavour.
This item consists of 2 items which are:
- wall tattoo 1
- wall tattoo 2
- copy, mod
- transparent background
- land impact 1 (each)


Saturday, 24 October 2015

Khargo Deck Cushion for My 60L Secret

Just a nice versatile deck cushion in 6 different texture versions and 49 single animations. The perfect cushion to dream away at your dock, deck, pier, swimming pool or any nice spot where you can enjoy your Second Life.

Come on over and grab it while it s hot :)

Or check it out on the Marketplace.