Tuesday, 16 March 2010

New! Easter Cuddle Ball Faunus

Easter is coming up fast, so here's our contribution.

As with every holiday now we again launch a special version of our popular cuddle ball...

The Easter Cuddle Ball Faunus !!!

17 prims
- mod / copy
- 17 animated couple poses
-adjustable poses by typing "/1a", which makes it fit for big or smaller avs
- price xstreet: 195
- price inworld: 250

This cuddle ball is your perfect way to decorate for Easter or make someone happy with a low cost gift that still has the high quality you are used to when buying a Khargo item since it's made with the best scripts, animated couple poses, sculpties and textures you can find in SL.

The Easter Cuddle Ball Faunus can be found at our Mainstore or on Xstreet

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Pandas, Eggs, Nests and Grunge

The doors are open on the Khargo: Grunge basement where you can find our *new* furniture line - and free gift. The Grunge Stool has loads of textures and sit animations so come over to Khargo: Grunge and find it soon.

Full Sets are available on Xstreet and individual items can be also be bought in store

As a special opening promotion we have the Grunge Sofa Set priced at 199L$ on Xstreet instead of the full price of 335L$.

We have... um... lotsa hunts this month... Let's start with the almost over Spring Cleaning Hunt. Be fast - it finishes on the 15th! For this hunt we created a green shoots plant.

Then we have the super fun Nature's Hunt - 3rd March to 3rd April. We went a bit whimsical for this and made a Love Nest with a couple of couples animations. Cute for cuddling on those Spring evenings.

Just started is the Easter Egg Madness Hunt. We have a fun yummy Belgian Chocolate Egg for you to find - nom, nom, nom :D (Special thanks to Vee for modeling the Egg and not complaining about the choccy on her dress.)

Later this month -from the 21st March to the 30th April - we have The Great Panda Heist.

Check the hunt wall in store for the hunt items to search for - and good luck! :)

Friday, 5 March 2010

Musical Chairs

The popular Bes Music Note Chair has been updated to a full set including table, frame and rug. The Music Note Chair has 6 sit animations and the Music Note Table now has 6 dance animations (cos you gotta dance on the tables - right? :) ) The Bes Music Note Set is perfect for clubs, venues or in the home of any music lover.

All items are now copy/mod so you can rez as many as you like since they are superlow prim and made using the best sculpties, scripts and animated poses you can find in SL.

The 4 items in the set include:

1. music note seat, 3 prims, copy/mod
- 1 spot to sit, every spot has 6 different animations
2. table, 5 prims,copy/mod
- 1 spot to sit, every spot has 6 different animations
3. frame, 4 prims, copy/mod - no special features
4. rug, 1 prim, copy/mod - no special features

All these items are available separately or as a full set at our newly extended main store -

The full set can also be found on Xstreet