Friday, 17 December 2010

Go Go Turbo!

The best fun you'll have this Christmas! Race around on your turbo sledge, complete with motor, exhausts with particle snow, bells, antlers, decorations, flashing fairy lights, license plate...

This Turbo Christmas Sledge has been created with lots of joy and fun - also, some of the best sculpties, textures and poses you can find in SL.

Simply wear your sledge from your inventory - it attaches to stomach. This means you can use your sledge in no rez areas. Ensure your AO is off if it interferes with the included pose.

Makes an excellent and fun gift for friends and family.

You can find the Christmas Turbo Sledge on the Marketplace or in world at the Khargo Christmas Store.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Snow Fun

Have hours of fun this winter with a friend on our cute snowdrift which includes a crashed sledge and 2 snowball piles with animated snowball fight poses.

Simply target a snowball pile and choose "sit here" from the menu. The snowdrift is menu driven to choose between 2 different snowball fight animations.

Make a snowman or a snow angel...

then warm up by the Christmas Fire Pit :)

All these items can be found at the Khargo Christmas Store or on the Marketplace.

Monday, 6 December 2010

A Christmas Cracker from Khargo

The Khargo Christmas store is now open with lots of new items for the holidays!

Our 1st Christmas Cracker for you this year is the Christmas Sleigh.

Cuddle up together in the romantic Christmas Sleigh to watch the stars by torchlight. This gorgeous sleigh has 12 couple cuddle animations and is decorated with Santa sack, holly, ivy, baubles and lit with a romantic torch.

There are 12 menu driven cuddle animations to choose from, which can be accessed by either avatar simply by clicking the seat on which you sit.

Come and try the Christmas Sleigh in world at Khargo or check it out at the SL Marketplace.