Monday, 26 October 2009

Introducing Eros, Hestia, Pax and Selene

We have been busy bunnies this month and have 4 more new releases for you to snuggle up on. The long awaited (by me) Eros Cuddle Cove is my very favouritest item ever! It's a nice little rocky cleft with snuggley cushions so you can cuddle up with your loved one and watch the sunset over the Linden Seas. Next to the rock is a swing seat for whiling away the time daydreaming. As with all our furniture it has texture change elements - in this case the rocks, seat and cushions - and has 15 pose changes.

Hestia is more of a social seating area. It has 4 single seat logs and a couple seat around a nice toasty camp fire. Again, it has all the texture and pose variations you expect from Khargo furniture. Now where are my marshmallows? :)

Pax and Selene are a pair of texture and pose changeable hammocks. Pax is a stand alone version while Selene is slung between a couple of trees. They both have an extra version should you want the option to hang them between, say, a wall and a tree. The cushions again hold lots of cuddle poses - 16 in all!

We recently extended the
Khargo Main Store to hold all our new goodies so come and check them out soon! Or visit our Xstreet pages for all the stats and special offers!

Friday, 23 October 2009

Home Sweet Home

For the past 10 months we have lovingly created a very special space in SL that we call "home". It's 8192 sqm and 1875 prims of tropical heaven on CZ Estate Lanui and all of it has been been built by us. Recently we realised that, gorgeous as it is, we didn't spend as much time there as it deserves, being mostly either at the store or the building platform. Since we need more prims at the store we weighed up our options and have decided to sell our home land. But not just the land! We are including in the sale the house, landscaping, furniture, outdoor items and a very special secret cave :)

Here is a list of all the items, most, but not all of which, are on Xstreet:

beach house oceanus (rezbox) (not on xstreet)
landscaping 8196 sqm oceanus (rezbox) (not on xstreet)
cuddle cushions maui
single cushion akea
couple hammock pax
divetower yemaya
plant set demeter
meditation cushion java
out of sim island (not on xstreet)
firepit pele
firepit hestia
cuddlecove eros
beanbag set thor
palm set demeter
sunlounger set helios
sofa set freyja
sofa set zeus
art oriental carp
modern bed 72 animations
bath (not on xstreet)
cave (not on xstreet)
frame for pictures

The total price for all this is L$5000, which is a real bargain.

Convenant, tier and other details about the land itself can be found here:

For a full explanation of all features or a tour, please im Keanu Kharg or Selkie Flatley. We can demonstrate the texturechange menu (that is available on all funiture), the interactive system of the house (lights on/off,blinds up/down, fire on/off, tinting windows on the outside, skylight,...) and the hidden cave which you will love :)

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Notes for my Diary.

Lot's going on this month...

First up, we have several hunts this month:

Pumpkin Paw Hunt - till the 1st of November. Our prize, should you dare to find it....

Halloween Hunt Resurrected - till the 7th of November. Which has another grusome prize (too yuk to post a pic)

Enter at Your Own Risk - from the 24th Oct to the 24th Nov - with a surprise prize :)

And the Hope Hunt which finishes soon on the 17th October.

Starting soon also is Burning Life and we are thrilled to have been able to take part this year. We've had a blast making something different to exhibit. It's been fun making something quite primmy - a real change from our normal philosophy. Burning Life starts on the 17th October - hope to see you there! And here's a teaser pic...

We've also been creating new stuffs for the store and this week we released the Akea Single and Maui Cuddle Cushions. These are really versatile cushions which can be used practically anywhere - indoors or out.

Akea is a single cushion with 12 poses and Maui has 9 couple poses and of course, both have all the usual textures and tints you'd expect in Khargo furniture. You can buy them in store or on Xstreet.

Finally, in time for Halloween we put out our decorations. They can be found in the wall vendor and on Xstreet. Low prim, low price and fun :)


(thanks to Riko for posing with the rat)

Happy Halloween Everyone!