Sunday, 26 November 2017

Khargo Christmas Market

Khargo’s annual Christmas Market has returned with wintery landscaping items, festive home decor and furniture. Explore the icy canyon to find snowball fights, a skate pond, snowmen and sleighs or browse through the store filled with Christmas cheer. 

This weekend we have a blizzard of new releases to mark the beginning of our favourite season!

Christmas Icy Snowman

He may be cold as ice but he's cute enough to melt your heart!

The Christmas Icy Snowman has a land impact of 7 and is copy and modify.

Find him and all our other items at Khargo Christmas Market or on the Marketplace

Pallet Christmas Tree 

A simple and lovely Christmas Tree made from a pallet with a festive message and decorated with baubles.

Land Impact is 9 and copy/modify.


Winter Forest Friends

A beautiful friendship to warm your heart in Winter!

Land Impact is 12 and this item is copy and modify.


Christmas Snowcat

The cutest snowcat you ever did see!

Land Impact is 4 and copy/modify


Christmas Street Lantern - Brass

Light up your place with some festive street lanterns.

Land Impact is 10 and copy/modify


Christmas Chalkboard Cupboard

A vintage style cupboard with a festive chalkboard greeting.

Land Impact 7 and copy/modify


Christmas Golden Decoration 

A bright and sparkly centerpiece decoration for your festive table.

Land Impact 8 and copy/modify


Christmas Lantern Decoration

Khargo Christmas Lantern Decoration adds a touch of charm to your festive decor.

Land Impact 8 and copy/modify


Saturday, 18 November 2017

Khargo Christmas Market - Event Exclusives

This month we are taking part in 2 events; TWE12VE and the Autumn Frost Fair. 

Christmas Chair with Pouf  at TWE12VE

This item has 2 spots to sit with couples and singles animations.  There are 15 single animations and 12 couple animations to choose from.  Two colours are included in the set-festive red and frosty blue!

TWE12VE runs from the 12th till the end of the month.  Get your TP  >>> HERE<<<

Christmas Decoration Table and Frame at the Autumn Frost Fair

Let the festive preparations begin!

The Khargo Christmas Decoration Table consists of 2 items.

1 - khargo christmas decoration table

2 - khargo christmas decoration frame

The Christmas Decoration Table has 1 spot to sit with 3 animations to choose from.  Find it on our stall at the  >>>Autumn Frost Fair<<<