Friday, 31 July 2015

Turn up the Heat

This weekend we're taking part in My 60L Secret sales event.  For this event we're launching the Khargo Barbeque

This whole item is made with the best mesh, textures, scripts and animations SL has to offer and consists of:

1: Khargo Barbeque
- 3 different styles (dark.light and two-tone).
- Land Impact 10
- copy, mod.
- 2 spots to sit, 37 single animations and 8 couple animations
- props rez/attach on permission with animation

2: Khargo Trolley
- menu driven food dispenser
- 2 different styles
- copy, modify
- Land Impact 7
- 4 different meals and fork to choose from

3: Khargo Cooler
- menu driven drinks dispenser
- copy, modify
- Land Impact 5
- 4 different drinks to choose from

Normally priced at L$195 it is available this weekend for only L$60 so check out the Barbeque in world at our main store or on the Marketplace.