Thursday, 22 April 2010

Ninsar Palms


Beautiful palms with an amazing prim count!

The whole set consists of 11 different versions - all copyable:

- 6 different versions of single palms , each palm only 2 prims, copy/mod

- 2 different versions of an 8 palms group, each group only 3 prims, copy/mod.
- 3 different versions of a 4 palms group, each group only 2 prims, copy/mod.

- very low prim.
- high quality texures
- so many different versions which are all copyable so you could even dress up a full sim with them.
- low lag
- modifyable , so you can make them as big or small as you want.

Come and see our gorgeous trees at Khargo or buy on Xstreet at a special offer price for a limited time.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

RFL Home Expo!

We're really excited to be at the All-Stars RFL Home Garden and Patio Expo this year and we have some new items we are releasing there so come along and feel free to play with our animation and texture change furniture:)

We have 2 RFL items in the vendors: our multi pose, mega textured beanbag which has never been on release before and a special edition RFL Purple Bouncy Jelly Bear with room for 2 people to play on 1 prim!

Now onto our NEW RELEASES!!!! Lots of them :)
We have our new house - Hestia. 323 prims, 33 x 33 m, copy/mod and comes with a house controller. The controller operates the security, windows, fireplace, lamps and radio.

Brono Pool and Deck complements the Hestia house. 49 prims, 30 x 25 m, copy/mod. Also comes with a water prim if you cant use Linden water and copiable float ball.

Mazu Pond - a calm and tranquil rock pool. 5 or 6 prims depending if you use the water prim or Linden water.

We are also releasing a Fat Pack of all the items we have at the Expo - house, furniture and landscaping. A complete home solution for a 4096 plot at a massive 40% price reduction!!!

We were also honoured to be asked to create the main stage for the event!!! The Hathor Stage and Dance Floor spans across 2 sims at the expo.

Come and visit us at the RFL Home Expo - opens at 8 am on the 10th April 2010

Monday, 5 April 2010

Rocks and Plants and Bears..... Oh My!

Okay... so I was kidding about the bears.... but we do have some new rocks and plants for your landscaping delight.

First we have the Kuula Rock Set.

10 rocks at 1 prim each to bring some texture and geographical interest to your parcel. Copy and modifiable so you can place as many as you want and stretch them as you need.

To soften the hard landscaping we have the Mahulu Plants. A set of 19 different plants consisting of 8 groups of small plants at only 1 prim per group you can lay down a whole heap of them to transform your garden. To go with these we also have 11 single plants which are also only 1 prim each. All the plants are copy/ modify and all are LOD protected so they don't loose their shape as fast as other plant sculpties.

See the full sets of these rocks and plants in world at Khargo or on Xstreet - Kuula, Mahulu.

Just maybe, somewhere in the jungle you created with these plants, hiding behind that rock over there... look! Is that a bear? :)

Sunday, 4 April 2010

New! Ares Bubble Chair

The Ares Bubble Chair is made with a menu that lets you change textures (over 60 textures included), tint, shininess, glow and brightness. This way Ares can be changed to any style you want. The owner also has the option to make the menu available to everyone or only to himself. This menu is activated by clicking on the shadow prim of the item.

It also has the option to choose between 9 different single animated sits. Just click the cushion you sit against and you ll get a blue pop up menu from which you can choose your next pose. Check out the sits and some of the possible texture combinations here.

It also has the option to adjust the position of your pose just by saying "/1a" in open chat. This is done because every AV has a different height. This way you can make them fit perfectly to your height.

- bubble chair, 6 prims, copy/mod
- 1 spots to sit with 9 different poses
- texture, tint, brightness, shininess and glow changeable in 3 groups

Find Ares in world or on Xstreet now :)

Saturday, 3 April 2010

60L Weekend - Easter Cuddle Ball Faunus

To celebrate Easter we are setting our Easter Cuddle Ball Faunus out in store for 60L Weekend.

17 prims
- mod / copy
- 17 animated couple poses !!!!!
-adjustable poses by typing "/1a", which makes it fit for big or smaller avs

This cuddle ball is your perfect way to decorate for Easter. It has the high quality you are used to when buying a Khargo item since it's made with the best scripts, animated couple poses, sculpties and textures you can find in SL. So start moving, because after this weekend it's gone :)