Friday, 29 May 2009

New Group Gift

Ke recently made a Multi-tool HUD. It incorporates a radar (handy for knowing who is around), a scanner ( yay - hunting!) and a flight thingy (who needs pixie dust? :) ) all in 1 compact little HUD. I love it!

It's pretty cool cos you can also make it transparent by degrees so it doesn't impair the screen view - important when off hunting ;) Very handily for me it also includes a TP function so I can go straight to the store without opening my picks or finding the LM in my inv - and now, so can you!

If you didn't get it as a group gift, don't despair - we will be resending it again soon for all of those who get their notices capped - which happens to all of us sometimes - but if you can't wait that long, or if you like it as much as I do and want your friends to get it too, then it's also in our dollerbie wall vendor instore ... see ya there!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Buoys Ahoy!

A long time ago, in a sim far away, Ke made a buoy for a friend...

Not your average buoy, this was old and rusty and dilapidated with a definite list to one side. And, just because we could, we put it for sale on xstreet.

And there it languished for quite a while... occasionally someone would buy one but mostly it just lurked at the bottom of our list of items. Of course, this wasn't helped by the fact I can't spell the word 'buoy' and had it marked as 'bouy' instead. Yet still, people managed to find it :)
Recently, prompted by a surprising rise in sales (and the fact I finally cottoned on to the spelling) we decided that it really needed an update. Add to this we had some spare prims lying around at the store and Ke wanted to improve on his original build. So, The Buoy Store is born!

You can find the Buoy Store by taking the tp from Khargo. Once there you'll find a dock with all the buoys arrayed around it. All our buoys are equipped with a flashing light, a light spreading around 10 meters in the same color as the buoy, very slow rotation script, realistic moving foam and an ambient sound. We wanted to keep this simple so you dont have to activate any of these.

We made the foam a separate prim so you can always leave it out if you dont like it.
All you do is rez your buoy, place it where you want it, rez the foam and place this foam around your buoy. Easy as can be. And what a choice!

The updated, original, rusty, distressed buoy. SL

The Doughnut Buoy

The Solar Powered Buoy

The Ocean Research Buoy Sl

The Conical Rusty Buoy

The Conical Navigation Buoys

and finally, The Round Navigation Buoys SL

Come along and see them at The Buoy Store @ Khargo

or on

Friday, 22 May 2009


The Freyja sofa set is the companion set to the Odin we released a few weeks ago. Freyja consists of a smaller sofa and a chair. It may be smaller than the Odin but it is no less featured. Freyja has all the textures of the Odin and no fewer than 5 different poses on each spot - including the couple poses.

Also included with the Freyja is a table - also with 5 poses - a multi texture, resizable rug, plant and a frame with changable pictures. Everything you need for the smaller seating area at an unbelievable introduction price of L$200. What's keeping you? :)

Freyja's statistics:
This set consists of 8 items:

1. sofa, 22 prims, mod
- 3 groups to retexture/recolor (base, seats and cushions. 43 textures available for each group).
- 4 spots to sit, 2 single spots and 2 couple, every spot has 5 different animations.
2. chair, 10 prims, mod
- 3 groups to retexture/recolor (base, seats and cushions. 43 textures available for each group).
-2 spots to sit, both single spots, every spot has 5 different animations
3. table, 7 prims, mod
- 1 group to retexture/recolor (16 textures).
- 1 spot with a menu for 5 animations (of which 2 are dances)
4. lamp, 16 prims, mod
- 1 group to retexture/recolor (16 textures)
- on/off switch for every single light (light and glow)
5. candles, 8 prims, mod
- on/off switch (light and flame)
6. rug, 1 prim, mod
- 1 group (10 rug textures).
7. plant, 4 prims, mod
- 2 groups to retexture/recolor (13 different plant textures and 16 pot textures).
8. frame, 2 prims, mod
- 2 groups to retexture/ recolor (frame has 16 textures and picture has 10 textures, but will be updated on a regular base).

Find the Freyja at Khargo Mainstore

or at XstreetSL

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Ocean Photography

It may seem quiet at Khargo recently but we haven't been twiddling our thumbs - Ke has been working hard creating a Studio Gallery for the awesome talents of Ocean Mureaux. Ocean creates amazing portraits morphing SL avatars into RL photos with fantastic results. Check her out at Ocean Photography inworld or online at her flickr.

Ocean's Gallery is a custom build with 2 levels and landscaping out front including a specially created fountain. The whole build is scripted with lighting to create the right atmosphere and upstairs in the studio the windows have blinds for a sense of privacy. The Studio floor has a lantern roof to create a higher ceiling and let in more light while the freestanding easels give some character and display Ocean's creativity in a more informal setting.

The Gallery floor has a waterwall at the back which flows into a floor rill giving the space some movement. The floor itself is stepped down which lends prominence to the portraits on the walls. The lighting is highly adjustable with many colour options and 3 power settings making mood settings a breeze. Behind the desk is a custom created panel with online indicator, landmark giver and a link to Ocean's Flickr where all her portraits can be viewed.