How to add the AVsitter Experience to Your Land

So you just bought an item from our store, took it home, unpacked it and.... it doesn't work like it did at the store!  What do you do?  What does "Experience enabled" mean?  Read on for instuctions on how to enable experiences on your land.

Our furniture uses the AVsitter experience to auto attach props without having to search through and add them from your inventory. Here is how you enable that experience at your land.

1 In the Linden Lab Viewer go to World  > About Land > click on the EXPERIENCES tab

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2 Under Allowed Experience click Add. Another window - CHOOSE EXPERIENCE - will open and in that window type in the name of the experience you want to enable - in this case AVsitter.

3  Click OK at the bottom of the CHOOSE EXPERIENCE window.

You have added the AVsitter experience to your land.

4  Sit on your AVsitter experience enabled item and you will get a permissions request pop up window.

5  Simply click YES to allow the item to auto attach props when an animation that requires props is played.

For more information about Experiences see the Knowedge Base "Experiences in Second Life".

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