Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Flowers and Flight Cases

It's been a while since we did any Tip Jar releases and Ke just loves making them.. so here are 2 new tip jars with more on the way! ( Don't say you weren't warned!)

First we have Flowers

Cute and summery and low prim.

Flight Case

Ideal for DJs on the move :)

Khargo Tip Jars are made with the best sculpties, textures and scripts you can find. It's also packed with every option you can imagine including sound, particles, gift giving and thank you message as well as options to change tip jar name, fast pay tip amounts, colour of floating text, last payer, total amounts, highest payer and the ability to share your tips with others.

ALL OUR TIP JARS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE AS A LOG ON OPTION FOR 750L$ .They will be available in store and on the Marketplace soon. Contact Keanu Kharg or Selkie Flatley meantime if you require this type of tip jar.

As always, you can find these awesome items at our in world store - Khargo: Tip Jars or on the SL Marketplace.

Check out our other Tip Jars at our Flickr .