Thursday, 13 December 2018

Khargo Christmas at TWE12VE

The Khargo Christmas Cuddle Shelf Decoration is our exclusive item for TWE12VE December.

With touches of festive gold and a luxurious furry rug, this is the perfect item to cuddle up on this Holiday season!

The Cuddle Shelf Decoration has 2 spots to sit with couple and singles animations.  there are 10 single animations and 68 couples animations.

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Are you on the Naughty List?

Have you been Naughty or Nice this year?  Santa knows!

The EBP Naughty List 3 Event is open from the 8th to the 31st December.

Khargo Christmas Crashed Santa

The Khargo Christmas Crashed Santa is our exclusive item for The Naughty List 3.

Oh dear!  It looks like Santa won't be delivering gifts this Christmas!  He's had a few too many sherries, whiskeys and maybe the odd eggnog and fallen out of his sleigh.  Christmas is cancelled!

- copy / modify
- land impact 10

Khargo Christmas Scene with Raccoon

The 10L special is the Khargo Christmas Scene with Raccoon.

Watch out - the naughty raccoon is in hiding, waiting for his chance to make off with your festive food!

- copy/ modify
- land impact 4

Khargo Christmas Naughty Wall Tattoo

Our group gift is the Khargo Christmas Naughty Wall Tattoo.  Find it under the Christmas Tree!  Wear your evil bunny hunts tag for free presents.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

'Tis the Season!

'Tis the Season at The Gacha Life!

Khargo Christmas Snow Jar Gacha

The Snow Jar Gacha has 10 seasonal, decorative jars with snowflakes including 1 rare.

Khargo Christmas Giant Baubles Gacha

The Giant Baubles Gacha has 8 outdoor, oversized baubles with different festive phrases including 1 rare.

Both gachas are 50L per play and transfer only

The Khargo Christmas Table is our group gift for the event

This table is ideal for displaying your snow jar gachas!

Join the group for all the gifts!  >>>The Gacha Life <<<

Khargo Christmas Birdcage

A glistening, golden birdcage with a magical christmas tree inside.

- copy/modify

- land impact - 11


Khargo Christmas Joy Decor

A joyful cracker of a seasonal decor item.

- copy/modify

- land impact - 8


Grumpy Santa Hunt

Evil Bunny Productions Hunt December 3rd-31st.  1L$ per prize.

Santa is SO grumpy! Apparently everyone has been bad this year and Santa is making us pay for it!

Search for the lump of coal.  Need a hint? Check the hint giver at the sign!

Friday, 30 November 2018

Deck the Halls, Homes, Gardens... and a Hunt!

Khargo Christmas Bar Set

It's Christmas Party Time!

The Christmas Bar set is now available in world and on the Marketplace.

2 versions are included in the set - light and dark - comprising of a bar, wall cupboard, table, stool, planter, rug, poinsetta and champagne giver.

The Christmas Bar has 2 spots to sit with 9 animations and the stool has 27 animations.  The set is copy and modify and is experience enabled.


 Winter Garden Tree Collection Set 2

A new collection of 5 winter trees or groups of trees to complement the original Winter Trees Set. Create your own Winter Wonderland!

low land impact


Christmas Santa's Cabin

A traditional cabin with Santa sitting on the stoop.  Perfect for Santa's Grotto or giving your land a festive feel.

land impact - 50


Khargo Christmas Wheel Snowman

A non-traditional snowman decor made out of tyres!

land impact 16


Khargo Christmas Snowball Shooter

Are you ready for a snowball fight?!

A set of 20 snowball shooters - all transfer so you can send them to your friends.  There are 10 female sized and 10 male sized snowball shooters in a box.  Team up or one on one, it's time for an epic snowball battle!


Gingerbread Men and Hot Cocoa Hunt

 The Gingerbread Men and Hot Cocoa hunt starts on Decemeber 1st!

We made this festive sign which looks good inside or out!

Cost is 1 L$ if you hunt for it or 25 L$ at the hunt sign.  Check the hint giver at the sign for a clue if you are hunting!

Fun with Hunts Blog

Friday, 23 November 2018

A Bumper Selection at Khargo Christmas Market!

Khargo Christmas Hanging Chair for Original Vogue Event

The Khargo Christmas Hanging Chair is an event exclusive item for the Original Vogue November Event.

Styled for the holiday season with mistletoe, snowflakes and baubles, the christmas hanging chair also includes a festive floor lamp.

It has 29 single and 48 couple animations and is also experience enabled.

LI - 15

Original Vogue runs from November 25th to December 15th.

TP to Original Vogue 

Khargo Christmas Winter Romantic Tree Log

A magical WInterfest outdoor item to cuddle up and keep warm together on!

With 10 single animations and 68 couple animations you are sure to find the perfect  Christmas cuddle!  This item is also experience enabled. 
LI - 12


Khargo Christmas Bench

Snowballs and squirrels decorate this wintery outdoor bench!
There are 10 single animations and 68 couples animations on this 2 seater bench.
LI - 10


Khargo Christmas Santa on a Throne

A traditional Christmas Santa on his throne.  Complete with a Santa sack of gifts and Christmas Tree, this is a lovely decoration for Christmas.
LI - 26


Khargo Christmas Tree Bookshelf

A cute Christmas decor item with cards, books and festive decorations.
LI - 11


Khargo Christmas Snowflake Wall Decoration

A large wooden snowflake with a christmas message flanked by a pair of golden snowflake candle sconces.
LI - 5


Khargo Winter Garden Plants Collection - Set 2

A companion set of 9 wintery plants and groups of plants to complement our winter garden plants collection.


Khargo Christmas Winter Scene with Squirrels

A pair of friendly squirrels having a chat on some tree stumps!

LI - 6


 Khargo Christmas Winter Scene with Rabbits

A winter forest glade where two cute rabbits meet.

LI - 7


 Khargo Christmas Wreaths

A new collection of 4 festive wreaths - 2 for indoors and 2 for outside.

All are copy and modify

khargo christmas outdoor wreath - santa - LI 5


khargo christmas wreath - reindeer - LI - 5


khargo christmas outdoor wreath - snowflake - LI - 3


khargo christmas wreath - wood - LI - 5


Christmas Hunts!

The Cookie Jar Holiday Decorations Hunt

Hunt starts 24th November to December 15th

Hunt prize is 1L$

Kastle & Co Events Candy Cane 10 Hunt

Hunt starts 25th November to 25th December

Hunt prize is 2L$

Friday, 16 November 2018

A Blizzard of Festive, New, Christmas Market Releases

Available now, at our In World Christmas Market and on the Marketplace!

Khargo Christmas Dining Table Set

Celebrate the season at this festive 6 place dining table!

This set includes a table with 6 place settings, festive christmas crackers and candle flames go on and off on touch.  The matching chair has a gold bow decoration and 12 single animations.
 - land impact 46 (table) 3 (chair)
 - copy / modify
 - experience enabled (chair)


 Khargo Christmas Chair with Pouf  

Cuddle up this Christmas with the Christmas Chair and Pouf

This item has 2 spots to sit with couples and singles animations.  There are 15 single animations and 12 couple animations to choose from.  Two colours are included in the set - festive red and frosty blue!
- land impact 7
- copy / modify
- experience enabled


Khargo Christmas Wheelbarrow with Pine

The cutest winter landscaping item.

- land impact 9
- copy / modify


Khargo Christmas Snowflake Shelf with Frames

A seasonal shelf with frames and golden hanging snowflakes.

- land impact 4
- copy / modify


Khargo Christmas Birdhouse

A festive home for the friendly robins this Christmas!

- land impact 4
- copy / mod


Khargo Christmas Joy Vase

A decorative seasonal item to bring Joy to your Holiday decor.

- land impact 3
- copy / modify


Khargo Christmas Joy Sign

A marquee letter sign with a Holiday message.

- land impact 2
- copy / modify


Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Frost and Snow at Khargo Christmas Market

LET IT SNOW!  Khargo Christmas Market has returned for the most wonderful time of the year!

Khargo’s annual Christmas Market has returned with wintery landscaping items, festive home decor and furniture. Explore the winter wonderland to find snowball fights, an ice skate pond, snowmen and sleighs or stroll through the stores filled with Christmas cheer.

Khargo Frosty Cuddle Stump - TWE12VE Exclusive

We love the crisp autumnal, frosty, morning weather so we made the Frosty Cuddle Stump as our TWE12VE Exclusive Item to remind us that winter is on it's way!

The Frosty Cuddle Stump has space for 2 avatars to sit with single and couple animations.

Find it at TWE12VE from the 12th to the end of the month.


Khargo Christmas Sleigh Bed

Perfect for dreaming of that White Christmas, with 2 spots for couples and singles animations.  There are 54 couples and 19 single animations included.

Also included is the Santa Certified Nice sign - well, we can dream...

Copy/modify and experience enabled.


Khargo Winter Snow Forts with Throwing Animations

2 different snow forts are included along with a winter leaves prim.  Rez as many as you need for fun snowball fights with friends!

Each snow fort has 9 animations to choose from. 

Copy/modify and experience enabled.



Khargo Christmas Poinsettia -White

A traditional Christmas floral decoration in winter white with added baubles.


Friday, 5 October 2018

Khargo Halloween Zombie Compound

Keep your zombies contained in the Khargo Halloween Zombie Compound! A large decorative item for your zombie nightmare scene.

- land impact 53
- copy, mod


Khargo Halloween Bench

A wonderful Fall inspired addition to your landscaping.  This bench as space for 2 avatars with couple and singles animations.

- land impact 13
- copy, mod
- menu driven animation change
- couple and singles animations
- AVsitter experience enabled


 Khargo Halloween Skeleton Swamp

Beware the tentacled swamp creature!

- land impact 11
- copy, mod
- animated tentacles


Khargo Halloween Skeleton Row Boat

Those creepy skeletons love messing about on the water! Yo-ho-ho!

- land impact 11
- copy, mod


Khargo Halloween Animated Drunk Skeleton

Drink up, me hearties! Yo-ho! This animated skeleton is getting into the party spirit when touched.

- land impact 5
- copy, mod
- animates when touched


Khargo Halloween Scene

A cute Fall landscaping item that embraces the warmer side of Halloween.

- land impact 20
- copy, mod


Khargo Halloween Wheelbarrow

A lovely item to decorate your Halloween garden.

- land impact 7
- copy, mod


Khargo Halloween Pumpkin Collection

Colourful Pumpkins to decorate your land at Halloween and Fall!

- land impact 22
- copy, mod