Sunday, 11 February 2018

Khargo Bar Set @ TWE12VE February

Indulge your temptations this month at TWE12VE with the Khargo Bar Set

The Bar Set comes in 2 versions, dark and light, and includes a bar, wall cupboard, table, bar stool, rug, floor lamp and champagne tray.  The bar has single animations for 2 sitters and and the bar stool has animations for a single sitter.  These items are also experience enabled.

Find it exclusively at TWE12VE this month!  You can check the set out on the Demo Platform

Friday, 2 February 2018

Hanging Chair, Log Planters and Stupid Cupid Hunt

Khargo Hanging Chair and Log Planters are now available at our in world main store and on the Marketplace.

Khargo Hanging Chair

This set includes 2 versions in light wood and dark wood with matching floorlamps and a rug.

There are 29 single animations and 48 couple animations.

Copy/modify and experience enabled.

Find it now at Khargo in world or on the Marketplace 

Khargo Log Planters

Khargo Log Planter comes in 2 sizes.  Large for outdoor and a small version for table tops or window sills.

Available now at our Mainstore and on the Marketplace

Stupid Cupid Hunt 6

For this hunt we made the Khargo Valentine Box.  Show your beloved how you feel on this cute heart shaped box.

Stupid Cupid Hunt runs from 3 to  28 Feb.  Find the arrow at our in world store - hint giver is on the notices wall.  Hunt prize is 1L$.

Check here for hints, URL links and gift previews.