Tuesday, 28 April 2009


We'd like to introduce the Osiris sofa set. Round sofa... lobby lounger.... I'm not sure what you'd call it (no heckling from the cheap seats please) but I call it elegant with maybe a hint of eastern exotic. It's a versatile piece and could sit happily in a home, store, club or hotel. Of course it has the texture and pose changability all our furniture has and we've included a rug and a plant and this time also a picture frame with some of the pictures we've taken on our explorations through SL. We've been blown away by the creativity of these sims, many we've found through the NPIRL group. It is a must have group (or subscribo) for every avatar. We hope you like them too :)

The info:

1. sofa, 19 prims, copy
- 2 groups to retexture/ recolor (base has 17 textures and seat has 43 textures). - 4 spots for single sits and 4 for couples, every spot has 8 different animations
2. frame, 2 prims, copy - 2 groups to retexture/ recolor (frame has 17 textures and picture has 10 textures, but will be updated on a regular base). -resizable
3. plant, 4 prims, copy - 2 group to retexture/recolor (pot has 17 textures and the plant has 13 textures). - resizeable
4. rug, 1 prim, copy - 1 group (10 rug textures). -resizeable

We've set the price - for a limited time - at L$100 - an absolute bargain.

Don't forget you can see this item and all our furniture in world at Khargo

or on Xstreet

We'd like to say a big thanks to our friends who once again answered our call to come and sit on the sofa while I took (inexpert) shots - so thank you, thank you to (clockwise from 10 o'clock) Dylana,Java, Ruddy, Hugo and Suzy, - you guys are fab!!!

And just a reminder that the SL Discovery Hunt starts May 1st - look forward to seeing you! :)

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Blingtastic Subscribo Comp

Hi everyone We got some great quotes from our Subscribo competition and want to say a big THANK YOU to those who took the time to enter. We couldn't choose one winner, so sent a L$500 gift card and all 3 sets to those who entered. Ke and I had fun reading and choosing the quotes to use and, while I might not agree with some of them, I hope they at least make *someone* laugh :) We sent one set out to everyone in the group. If you didn't get it, and we know how borky SL has been lately, then give us a shout inworld and we'll get it to you. The other sets we are using as a hunt gift in one of the upcoming hunts we are doing. Watch out for the SL Discovery Hunt starting May 1st through to June 30th. It's a marathon but should be fun :) We have 2 more hunts coming up in June also - watch this space for details :)

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Friendly Fire

The Pele firepit (named after the Hawaiian god of fire, not the footballer) is the luxury hotel version of sitting around a campfire. It generously seats 8 around the fire - 6 single seats and a couple. Like all our furniture it has lots of textures to change between so you can suit it to your own style and it has an optional parasol to shade you from the heat of the SL sun. If, like me, you feel landscaping is a bit too much this firepit looks equally good sitting on the land as it does sunk into it, and it has handy steps attached so you can easily (and gracefully) get in to sit down :)

All the stats below :)

This set consists of 4 items:

1. firepit, 24 prims, copy
- 3 groups to retexture/recolor (base 16 textures, seats 43 textures,rock pit 10 textures).
- 8 spots to sit, 6 single spots and 1 couple, every spot has 9 different animations(even the coupleposes).
2. parasol, 6 prims, copy
- 2 groups to retexture/recolor (stand 16 textures, parasol 43 textures).
3. plant, 1 prim, copy
- 1 group to retexture/recolor (13 different plant textures, so this is pretty much the only plant you'll ever need)
- resize (also through the menu)
4. candles, 7 prims, copy
- on/off switch (light and flames)

We've set the Pele Firepit at a special promotional price of L$199, so come and get it while it's hot!!!

Catch the links here: Khargo Mainstore

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Odin redux

Hi there!

We've done a slight remodel to the Odin set, altering the shadow prim underneath and losing 3 prims off the total of the sofa. Along with that we've revised the price (upwards, but L$699 is still great value and less than we were originally going to price it at) as the special offer is over. Thank you to everyone who bought the Odin set and we hope you enjoy it. Certainly the reviews on Xstreet have been favourable :)

We will be reviewing our competition entries soon too. Watch this space :)

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Rocky Island

This island was created as a meditation area, for the meditation cushion but really you can use it for whatever you want... tai chi, rock concert, viewing platform, cuddle spot, whatever takes your fancy :)

How would you use yours?

The Rocky Island consists of 2 parts (the actual rock and a prim which gives the special effect under water), which are both in a rezbox, so it gets easier to rez them together.
When you click on the rock, it will pop up a menu from which you can adjust textures and tint in 2 different group (rock and platform). The menu also allows you to adjust the size of the rock (with platform) with a simple click.
The big prim that is located under the water also has a menu when you click on it to, giving you the choice of 4 different textures. All at the low, low primmage of 32 and 1 megaprim!

Come and see it instore or on Xstreet.