Friday, 14 June 2019

TWE12VE is in Bloom!

Create a buzz with the Khargo Flower Tip Board!

Available exclusively at TWE12VE for the amazing discount price of L$ 499 (normal price will be L$ 995) from the 12th June till the end of the month.

Our Tip boards come with features including space for a group, facebook, calendar and subscriber and, of course, tips!

Friday, 7 June 2019


Feel the vibez at the Gacha Life this June!

This month we have 8 tropical tip jars and 1 rare tip board to collect at 75 L$ per pull.  Don't forget the gacha exchange programme where we will exchange your transfer tip jar for a copy version while the event is running.

Our group gift is the Khargo Palm Tree.

Gacha Life runs from the 5th of June to the end of the month


Our exclusive item for the Jersey Shore 4 is the fun and beachy Surf Tip Board.  With spaces for Group Join, Subscriber, Calendar, Facebook and of course, Tips, it is perfect for performers or venues with a seaside or tropical theme.  Available exclusively at The Jersey Shore 4 Event this month for the bargain price of L$ 499 it will be priced at L$ 995 in store after the event - so buy now!

Our 10L Special is the Khargo Adirondack Chair.

Jersey Shore opens on the 8th June to the end of the month