Saturday, 23 November 2013

It's Snowtime!

Create your own perfect Winter Wonderland with our Winter Garden Plants Collection!

This collection of Winter plants consists of 28 items which are:

- 3 different sizes pine tree
- 17 single plants
- 2 different combinations of 4 plants
- 2 different half circle shaped plants
- 3 different grass fields
- 1 plant with rocks

Come and see these gorgeous plants at our Christmas and Winter Fair or on the SL Marketplace.

Add a touch of whimsy to your garden decor this Christmas with our cute North Pole sign.

>>> Marketplace<<<

Complete with pines this mesh sign has a land impact of 6 and is copy and modify.

Or bring some nature to your winter landscaping with this mesh reindeer scene.


 Keep your feathered friends warm in our Winter Tree with Birdhouse.


This is the cutest landscaping item this Winter with a LI of only 10!

Light up those dark winter nights with our mesh Christmas Lantern.


With a touch of Dickensian charm, this 7 LI lantern is copy and modify so you can place them in any corner of your land.

What better way to welcome your Christmas guests than with our Christmas Traditional Wreath!


With a land impact of only 3 it is the perfect decoration for your door or fireplace.

or brighten and cheer any place of your home with our Christmas Wreath with Lights!


This modern wreath has a land impact of 2 and a circle of colourful flashing lights.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

It's Never To Early...

for Christmas Cuddles!

The perfect spot to cuddle or sit by the fireplace or tree this Christmas. Forty couples animations in the rug and 9 single animations for each sitter makes this an extremely versatile rug as you can use it on your own or with a platonic friend when not with your special someone.  With a land impact of only 6 it's this season's must have rug!

Come and see it at our Christmas and Winter Market or find it on the SL Marketplace >>>here<<<
(Thank you, Toxic Blackrain, for your patience and help creating these pics!)

There's snow fun like our new mesh Snowdrift with Snowball Fight Animations!

Spend your holidays playing on our snowdrift!  With nine animations on each of the 2 spots including making and throwing snowballs, hiding in the snow and making a snowcastle, at only 6 LI it's the perfect landscaping item.

Come and play with it in world at our Christmas and Winter Market or see more pics on the SL Marketplace

Fill your Christmas with the glowing light of our new Christmas Candles.

With a low land impact of only 6 you can afford to place these all around your home. Come and see them in world or on the Marketplace >>> here<<<

For a smaller space we also have the single Candle.  A very cute decorative item which also has a land impact of 6.

Also available on the Marketplace >>> here <<<

 The Christmas Easel comes in 2 versions - indoor and out.

The indoor version has a snowy scene and the outdoor version wishes all your visitors a Merry Christmas.  It also includes a snowy pine with festive fairy lights!

See them on the Marketplace >>> here<<<

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Khargo Christmas Gatcha - and an Iceberg!

I looove Gatchas!  So I was really excited when Keanu suggested we did our own gatcha for Christmas.

He created these decorative wall cubes with Christmassy decor.  There are 5 commons in different woods with a LI of 14 and 2 rares with a LI of 8.

Find them at the Christmas and Winter Market at L$30 a try!

And to winterify our very small home plot he also made this gorgeous Out of Sim Iceberg - complete with Polar Bear!

(I wanted penguins too - but that was a stretch too far :) )

This mesh Iceberg sits on a floe of broken ice and has a LI of 21.  There is also an in sim version included in the pack.  Find it on the Marketplace >>>here<<< or in world at our Christmas and Winter Market.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Khargo Tip Jars: Christmas Magic

Three new tip jars that evoke that magical Christmas feeling.

Animated Christmas Tree

Take an undecorated tree.  Tip it.  And then... a twinkle of stars... baubles appear... a sprinkle of lights... a shining star on top... and finally a present underneath!  Pure Christmas magic!

Find it in world or on the marketplace.


All our Tip Jars are available in both Personal and Log In versions.  Both versions come with a wealth of easily configured options including split tips, adjustable text, particles and gift giving. 

Christmas Teddy Bear

The cutest Christmas teddy, sat on a gift box chair. A spray of stars appears when he is tipped.

Find it in world or on the marketplace.

Christmas Penguin

This sweet baby penguin and his parent will melt the heart of any Scrooge! A drift of snowflakes appear when it is tipped.

Find it in world or on the marketplace.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Counting Down...

to Christmas time!

Khargo has been creating Christmas for 5 years now and we're pleased to announce the reopening of our Christmas and Winter store!

We're kicking off our Holiday offerings with our first mesh sofa set which has a festive feel.

The Christmas Sofa includes a 3 seater sofa with 7 single anims in each seat, a couples cuddle sofa with 55 cuddle anims and 7 single anims each and a single seater sofa with 10 animations, also a festively decorated coffee table, side table and rug.  Find more info and pics on the SL Marketplace >>>here<<<

Some animations also give an item or rez a prop when you choose the appropriate animation.

To go with the sofa set you have to have a fireplace!

Perfect for dreaming away those winter nights, toasting marshmallows or warming up there are 13 animations to choose from.  It also has a fireplace menu to turn the flames off and on with various options to customise it further. There is also space to put your own pictures in the frames on the mantle.
You can also find it on the SL Marketplace >>>here<<<

Every Christmas we try and make a new Tree. This year we have 2!

First we have the Christmas Tree with Animations

With an eye on land impact we created a much lower tree than last year at 19 LI. It contains 6 single animations and also rezzes props and items when you change poses depending on the animation.

Find it on the SL Marketplace >>>here<<<

Even lower Land Impact is the Alternative Christmas Tree.

This contemporary tree comes in 2 versions - the decorated version has a Land Impact of 19 and the low, undecorated version has a LI of only 10.

See both versions on the SL Marketplace >>>here<<<

Finally in this 1st Christmas release, we have the Christmas Bookcase.

The perfect companion to the Christmas Sofa Set, this modern bookcase is decorated for the holiday season with a festive lamp, candle, frame and wreath.  There is also spaces for you to add your own items or Christmas cards.

It has a land impact of 14... and a few interesting books!

The Christmas Bookcase is also available on the SL Marketplace >>>here<<<

Hope to see you at Khargo Christmas soon!