Saturday, 14 May 2011

Horta Cuddle Garden Swing

horta cuddle garden swing - small

The Horta Cuddle Garden Swing is one of the new Spring releases from Khargo. Probably the most versatile garden swing you can find in SL. At only 15 prims, with 56 menu driven texture changes and 17 cuddle animations there is sure to be a space for it on your terrace, beach or garden.

Find the Horta on the SL Marketplace or at the Khargo Mainstore inworld.

If you are in our Update Group Subscriber then watch out for the notecard in world announcing our 5 new release winners!

Be sure to check out our other recent Spring releases; the Bris Picnic Blanket

From Khargo: Furniture and Design

and the Libintia Gazebo.

From Khargo: Furniture and Design