Sunday, 4 December 2011

Ho Ho Ho! Khargo Free Gift

We love Christmas. If you can't spread some fun and happiness at this time of year, when can you? So we made our Christmas Spacehopper with joy and laughter. We decorated it with all the Christmas fun we could find and made it wearable so you can bounce around SL doing your holiday shopping - or just exploring :) A mesh enabled viewer is needed to see it properly in world.

The Christmas Spacehopper is available for free at the Khargo: Christmas and Winter Store until Friday 9th December. (The vendor is inside the store on the staircase.) Hope you like it :)

POE4 and Silver and Gold

The POE4 Hunt is at the Khargo: Christmas and Winter Store. This year we've made a Christmas Moon.

A beautiful, silvery moon with golden stars and Christmas decorations to sit on while you look down on earth and make a wish :)

Silver and Gold 2 Hunt is also on now at the Khargo Mainstore.

The hunt is on from December 1st through to January 2nd.

Yes, I know it looks back to front - we like to mix things up :)