Friday, 1 November 2013

Counting Down...

to Christmas time!

Khargo has been creating Christmas for 5 years now and we're pleased to announce the reopening of our Christmas and Winter store!

We're kicking off our Holiday offerings with our first mesh sofa set which has a festive feel.

The Christmas Sofa includes a 3 seater sofa with 7 single anims in each seat, a couples cuddle sofa with 55 cuddle anims and 7 single anims each and a single seater sofa with 10 animations, also a festively decorated coffee table, side table and rug.  Find more info and pics on the SL Marketplace >>>here<<<

Some animations also give an item or rez a prop when you choose the appropriate animation.

To go with the sofa set you have to have a fireplace!

Perfect for dreaming away those winter nights, toasting marshmallows or warming up there are 13 animations to choose from.  It also has a fireplace menu to turn the flames off and on with various options to customise it further. There is also space to put your own pictures in the frames on the mantle.
You can also find it on the SL Marketplace >>>here<<<

Every Christmas we try and make a new Tree. This year we have 2!

First we have the Christmas Tree with Animations

With an eye on land impact we created a much lower tree than last year at 19 LI. It contains 6 single animations and also rezzes props and items when you change poses depending on the animation.

Find it on the SL Marketplace >>>here<<<

Even lower Land Impact is the Alternative Christmas Tree.

This contemporary tree comes in 2 versions - the decorated version has a Land Impact of 19 and the low, undecorated version has a LI of only 10.

See both versions on the SL Marketplace >>>here<<<

Finally in this 1st Christmas release, we have the Christmas Bookcase.

The perfect companion to the Christmas Sofa Set, this modern bookcase is decorated for the holiday season with a festive lamp, candle, frame and wreath.  There is also spaces for you to add your own items or Christmas cards.

It has a land impact of 14... and a few interesting books!

The Christmas Bookcase is also available on the SL Marketplace >>>here<<<

Hope to see you at Khargo Christmas soon!

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