Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Friendly Fire

The Pele firepit (named after the Hawaiian god of fire, not the footballer) is the luxury hotel version of sitting around a campfire. It generously seats 8 around the fire - 6 single seats and a couple. Like all our furniture it has lots of textures to change between so you can suit it to your own style and it has an optional parasol to shade you from the heat of the SL sun. If, like me, you feel landscaping is a bit too much this firepit looks equally good sitting on the land as it does sunk into it, and it has handy steps attached so you can easily (and gracefully) get in to sit down :)

All the stats below :)

This set consists of 4 items:

1. firepit, 24 prims, copy
- 3 groups to retexture/recolor (base 16 textures, seats 43 textures,rock pit 10 textures).
- 8 spots to sit, 6 single spots and 1 couple, every spot has 9 different animations(even the coupleposes).
2. parasol, 6 prims, copy
- 2 groups to retexture/recolor (stand 16 textures, parasol 43 textures).
3. plant, 1 prim, copy
- 1 group to retexture/recolor (13 different plant textures, so this is pretty much the only plant you'll ever need)
- resize (also through the menu)
4. candles, 7 prims, copy
- on/off switch (light and flames)

We've set the Pele Firepit at a special promotional price of L$199, so come and get it while it's hot!!!

Catch the links here: Khargo Mainstore

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