Tuesday, 28 April 2009


We'd like to introduce the Osiris sofa set. Round sofa... lobby lounger.... I'm not sure what you'd call it (no heckling from the cheap seats please) but I call it elegant with maybe a hint of eastern exotic. It's a versatile piece and could sit happily in a home, store, club or hotel. Of course it has the texture and pose changability all our furniture has and we've included a rug and a plant and this time also a picture frame with some of the pictures we've taken on our explorations through SL. We've been blown away by the creativity of these sims, many we've found through the NPIRL group. It is a must have group (or subscribo) for every avatar. We hope you like them too :)

The info:

1. sofa, 19 prims, copy
- 2 groups to retexture/ recolor (base has 17 textures and seat has 43 textures). - 4 spots for single sits and 4 for couples, every spot has 8 different animations
2. frame, 2 prims, copy - 2 groups to retexture/ recolor (frame has 17 textures and picture has 10 textures, but will be updated on a regular base). -resizable
3. plant, 4 prims, copy - 2 group to retexture/recolor (pot has 17 textures and the plant has 13 textures). - resizeable
4. rug, 1 prim, copy - 1 group (10 rug textures). -resizeable

We've set the price - for a limited time - at L$100 - an absolute bargain.

Don't forget you can see this item and all our furniture in world at Khargo

or on Xstreet

We'd like to say a big thanks to our friends who once again answered our call to come and sit on the sofa while I took (inexpert) shots - so thank you, thank you to (clockwise from 10 o'clock) Dylana,Java, Ruddy, Hugo and Suzy, - you guys are fab!!!

And just a reminder that the SL Discovery Hunt starts May 1st - look forward to seeing you! :)

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