Friday, 27 March 2009


Since the awesome Emerald mentioned the Meditation Cushion in her sharp, witty, self-depreciating and always informative blog I thought perhaps this was the time I also posted about it - but in a far less entertaining way. So here it is - Khargo Meditation Cushion, L$150 and 3 prims worth of relaxation, contemplation and zen...ation? It has two poses and numerous base and cushion textures - just messing around with it is possibly guaranteed to send you into a state of texture bliss - or frenzy, I'm not sure... but either way, it's fun... come over to Khargo and check it out, or Xstreet if you prefer :) It also looks very cool on the Rocky Island... post to follow soon. As usual, all the proper info follows:

This meditation cushion is created with the best scripts, sculpties, textures and scripts you can find in SL.
It is equipped with a menu which makes you able to change the whole items texture and tint in 2 groups (cushion and lower part).You have a choice between 27 textures and 8 different tints. This same menu also adds the possibility to shrink or stretch the whole build so that it fits better for everyone's needs.
The cushion also holds 2 different meditation poses which are also changeable by a menu which will pop up when you click on the cushion itself.
I also added a shadow prim to it to give it a more realistic look.

FYI - the avatar above is not included - I am there purely for illustration;-)

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