Thursday, 19 March 2009

We're Open! :)

To celebrate the launch of Khargo Mainstore we have put the Odin Sofa Set at the introductory price of L$200. That's a massive saving of L$799 (correct me if I'm wrong - maths is not my strong point)!!!. And here is the blurb :)

This set is made with recolour, retexture and resizing scripts. Some items have up to 3 different groups to retexture so you can texture the cushion , seats and base in different colors. It also has the option to choose between at least 5 poses on each seat, simply by clicking the cushion you sit on. The table also has 5 different poses which are quite fun.

This extremely versatile sofa set consists of 6 items which are:

1. sofa, 29 prims, copy / mod / no transfer
- 3 groups to retexture/ recolor (base, seats and cushions. 43 textures available for each group).
- 7 spot to sit, 5 single spots and 1 couple, every spot has 5 different animations.
2. table, 4 prims, copy / mod / no transfer
- 2 groups to retexture/recolor( 43 textures for both groups).
- 1 spot with a menu for 5 animations (of which 2 are dances)
3. lamp, 4 prims, copy / mod / no transfer
- 2 groups to retexture/recolor (16 textures for the base, 43 textures for the shade
- on/off switch (light and glow)
4. candles, 7 prims, copy / mod / no transfer
- on/off switch (light and flame)
5. rug, 1 prim, copy / mod / no transfer
- 1 group (10 rug textures).
6. plant, 3 prims, copy / mod / no transfer
- 2 groups to retexture/recolor (13 different plant textures and 16 pot textures).

More pictures for your viewing pleasure...

We are also hoping to have our camping chairs working soon.

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