Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Time to Go Fly A Kite or Perhaps Dive in the Ocean

We joined the Go Fly A Kite gridwide hunt last night after a call went out that there was space available. This is our 1st hunt as contributors - even if it has been going 2 weeks, it's exciting :) We hope the hunters will a) visit the store, b) find our not very well hidden kite c) like the gift we put in it and finally d) look around a bit and maybe, just maybe, buy something!

We also updated our dive tower. No tricky choice between the 3 wood options anymore - now you get the even trickier choice between lots of different textures - including wood, metal, tile, stone... a whopping 19 in all!

Here is the info - and the glamour shot :)

Looking for a stylish low prim dive tower? Here's your chance. This dive tower is only 16 prims due to the sculptie ladder I used.
Using this sculptie ladder, combining it with the best textures and a fine dive animation, made me able to build a low prim dive tower which still looks great. There are 19 different textures which you can change to suit your own style (including tile, brick, wood, marble and and metal textures).
Copy only - no mod - no transfer

This Dive Tower is part of an outdoor collection I build (which provides you pretty much everything to design a nice romantic home). The whole collection is available with an easy to use texture change menu, so it can fit your needs better.

You can check the all new and improved Dive Tower on Xstreet or at our Mainstore

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