Thursday, 8 October 2009

Notes for my Diary.

Lot's going on this month...

First up, we have several hunts this month:

Pumpkin Paw Hunt - till the 1st of November. Our prize, should you dare to find it....

Halloween Hunt Resurrected - till the 7th of November. Which has another grusome prize (too yuk to post a pic)

Enter at Your Own Risk - from the 24th Oct to the 24th Nov - with a surprise prize :)

And the Hope Hunt which finishes soon on the 17th October.

Starting soon also is Burning Life and we are thrilled to have been able to take part this year. We've had a blast making something different to exhibit. It's been fun making something quite primmy - a real change from our normal philosophy. Burning Life starts on the 17th October - hope to see you there! And here's a teaser pic...

We've also been creating new stuffs for the store and this week we released the Akea Single and Maui Cuddle Cushions. These are really versatile cushions which can be used practically anywhere - indoors or out.

Akea is a single cushion with 12 poses and Maui has 9 couple poses and of course, both have all the usual textures and tints you'd expect in Khargo furniture. You can buy them in store or on Xstreet.

Finally, in time for Halloween we put out our decorations. They can be found in the wall vendor and on Xstreet. Low prim, low price and fun :)


(thanks to Riko for posing with the rat)

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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