Monday, 26 October 2009

Introducing Eros, Hestia, Pax and Selene

We have been busy bunnies this month and have 4 more new releases for you to snuggle up on. The long awaited (by me) Eros Cuddle Cove is my very favouritest item ever! It's a nice little rocky cleft with snuggley cushions so you can cuddle up with your loved one and watch the sunset over the Linden Seas. Next to the rock is a swing seat for whiling away the time daydreaming. As with all our furniture it has texture change elements - in this case the rocks, seat and cushions - and has 15 pose changes.

Hestia is more of a social seating area. It has 4 single seat logs and a couple seat around a nice toasty camp fire. Again, it has all the texture and pose variations you expect from Khargo furniture. Now where are my marshmallows? :)

Pax and Selene are a pair of texture and pose changeable hammocks. Pax is a stand alone version while Selene is slung between a couple of trees. They both have an extra version should you want the option to hang them between, say, a wall and a tree. The cushions again hold lots of cuddle poses - 16 in all!

We recently extended the
Khargo Main Store to hold all our new goodies so come and check them out soon! Or visit our Xstreet pages for all the stats and special offers!

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