Sunday, 30 August 2009


How it began...

Recently Ke was asked by our lovely friend, live music manager Lo Bloch, to create a home and Music Venue. Lo's venue is My Wish II at Maka Mua - and it is beautiful. Here she holds benefit gigs with proceeds going to charity. She is a sweetheart :)

Then Lo asked for a few tip jars she could offer to artists. So Ke created a few... then a few more... and I think he was enjoying himself because at the last count we have 35 of them! They range from the traditional music style jar to the cute, stylish, fantastical, niche and well... creepy (but Halloween is just around the corner) I won't post them all here but you can view them in all their glory at our flickr, or on xstreet, or in the vendor upstairs at our store.

All our tip jars (over 35 different ones in total) are made with the best sculpties, textures and scripts you can find.
After consulting a few artists to find out what they like and need from a tip jar, all the following options can be turned off or on, so you can have a very advanced tip jar with all these options active or a very simple tip jar with no floating text at all, no particle, no sound and no gift...

- floating text above the tip jar with the owners name: on/off

- floating text above the tip jar with the highest tip: on/off

- floating text above the tip jar to show who tipped last and how much

- floating text above the tip jar with the total amount of tips since it was rezzed

- change the color of the floating text above the tip jar

- say the name of the person who tips and thank them in open chat

- change the text of how someone is thanked in open chat

- play a sound when someone tips

- replace the sound with your own sound

- poof a particle when tipped

- replace the particle with your own particle

- give a free radar HUD to everyone who tips

- replace the gift with your own

- change fast pay prices

- split tips with as many people as you want

- send a message to the owner of the tip jar on a private channel telling him who tipped and how much .

We also offer custom build tip jars in any shape you can imagine. You dream it, we build it. In some cases we can add your name and maybe a text of your own to tip jars that we have in the vendor
Prices depend on the time invested in it and if it will be built exclusive for 1 person or not.
However if you come up with a good idea for a tip jar, which we might consider to sell in the vendor afterwards, we'll only charge a normal price instead of a custombuild price.

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