Thursday, 20 August 2009

Grab 'Em While They're Hot... and still here

Khargo Cushion is now in store for a limited time free offer. It's kinda cute - perfect for soaking up the late summer sun and at only 2 prims it's not going to squeeze your prim limit too much. Come along the store asap to grab it :)

Also, to celebrate the new store we have some special offers on new items on Xstreet.

The Boreas Bench Set has been reduced to only L$50 from L$240 for 7 days only - this offer runs out on 26/08/09.


The Athena Bookcase Set has been reduced from L$320 to only L$100. This offer also runs out on 26/08/09.


(It occurs to me my dating may confuse some Americans. I'm British - American dates confuse me too :) )

The Zeus Living Room Set has been reduced from L$760 to only L$200.


The (as yet unblogged) Lono Bar Set has been reduced from L$480 to only L$200.

So drop in to Khargo soon, pick up the cushion, check out the furniture then head on over to Xstreet to buy the amazing offers :)


ZE design Zigadena Gabardini-Emarald Harvey said...

HI Kargo
Added you ! expect the same
May your sales be good!nice design btw:)
ZE design/Zig

Selkie said...

Thanks for the add - have done the same :)