Friday, 30 March 2012

Springing in the Changes...

With a Half Price Sale at Khargo: Tip Jars!

(We had a slight hitch with the rezzers - all fixed now!)

We're so excited to introduce our new Tip Jar Main Store and three new tip jars, we're having a half price opening sale, free gift and 10 lucky subscriber winners!

Now you can rez every Tip Jar before you buy. Choose from a wide range of over 60 personal and log in versions, including mesh and animated tip jars!

To celebrate our new store and to say a big "thank you" to all our customers who have supported Khargo Tip Jars over the years, we decided to have a one-off half price sale on ALL our Tip Jars IN WORLD for THIS WEEKEND ONLY. The sale will run through to Midnight SL time on the 1st April.

The sale will include our new tip jars:

The Tip Jar - does what it says on the tin :)

Also available (full price) on the SL Marketplace here, and the Log In version - here.

The Chicken Tip Jar - because it's spring and perfect for Easter! Available (full price) on the SL Marketplace here and the Log In version is also available, here.

The DJ Record - our first Mesh Tip Jar! Needs a mesh compatible viewer to see this tip jar properly. Available (full price) on the SL Marketplace here, and the Log in Version, here.

On top of all this, we've renewed all the scripts in our Personal Tip Jars with a better, less laggy, more reliable script and updated some of the older style Tip Jars with better sculpts to keep them fresh.

5 Updated Tip Jars, Updated: Amplifier, Beer Cooler, Hat, Piggybank and Tipsy Jar
Updated Tip Jars

We are looking to increase our range of mesh tip jars over the coming weeks and months but we'll also still be introducing new sculpted tip jars as, sometimes, sculpts are a better option than mesh.

So, drop in, check out the new store and pick up the free gift while you browse the tip jars!

Don't forget to check the subscriber notecard in world to see if you are one of our 10 lucky tip jar winners!

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