Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Arausio Texture Changes

... that's the name of our new sofa set.

We've made some exciting changes with this release. We listened to feedback from our customers and now have a new, streamlined texture change script which we hope is easier for people to understand and navigate through, and added a delete function so you can remove the script when you have customised the sofa to your satisfaction. This will help with parcel script loads, something I think we're all becoming more aware of.

We also changed our animation scripts. Animations now transition more smoothly and choosing animations should be easier, especially for couples. There is also a "swap" option included both between couple and single animations and also between male and female couple anims.

The Arausio sofa set still has many textures and animations to choose from - that hasn't changed :) The full set includes 10 pieces: big sofa with couple and single animations, small sofa with single sits, pouf with single sits, coffee table, small table, fireplace, rug, plant, light and bowl of fruit.

You can buy the new Arausio Sofa Set in world at our Main Store and on the SL Marketplace or check out more pics on our Photobucket Album or Flickr.

10 Lucky Subscribers have won their own Arousio Sofa Set so look out for the subscriber notecard and see if you have won :)

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