Wednesday, 23 November 2011


When my lovely mate, Vix asked if we'd like to take part in the new round of the Seraphim Blog event, we totally jumped at it, cos she is lovely and works really hard on the blog and is always sooo supportive and upbeat and yeah... all those wonderful things a good friend is.

The fact it had a Thanksgiving theme.. well...that totally bypassed us! Not being from the USA or Canada, we don't do Thanksgiving at all. So while I could pretend that our Tropical Log is for giving thanks for long summer holidays, or maybe that the sun can always shine in SL, really, I guess it's to say "thank you" to everyone who clicks on it, rezzes it on their land and enjoys it (even if it is almost Winter!) :)

Hope you like it!

You can pick up the Tropical Log and a ton of other awesome items at the new Seraphim Office.

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