Monday, 28 November 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Christmas! And we've just put the finishing touches on our Christmas tree. And what a tree!!!

This year we pushed the boat out with a mesh tree, covered with sculpted shiny ornaments, fairy lights, gifts beneath and a gorgeous tree topper above to finish it off.

Four menu driven animations are in the small gift so you can pose with your tree. In the tree skirt you will find a book giver for use with the caroling animation.

At 136 prims, it's possibly one of our highest prim items ever - but it's Christmas so we wanted to be extravagant for once! Copy and modify (in case you need to de-prim slightly)

Come and try our Christmas tree in world at the Khargo: Christmas and Winter Store It is also available on the SL Marketplace.

We wouldn't be Khargo if we also didn't release something cuddly!

Our snuggly offering this week is the Christmas / Winter Cuddle Rug. Our cuddle rug comes with 2 versions - low prim and slightly higher prim :) Ideal for cuddling in front of your tv or fireplace (or Christmas Tree!)

The full version includes candles, hot chocolate and cupcakes, the lower prim version does not have these accessories but still has all the animations of the full version.

As usual, find it in world or on the Marketplace.

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