Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Tiplicious Trio

We have 3 new tip jars available! Check out Khargo: Tip Jars for the full range.

Retro Radio Tip Jar

Perfect for clubs and hangouts. A beautifully made tip jar with that beaten up grungey look.


Picture Tip Jar

Low prim but high style. Add your favourite picture or texture to make this tip jar unique.


Lipstick Tip Jar

It's cute. It's girly. It's for divas. It's only 5 prims.


All Khargo Tip Jars options can be turned off or on and include:

* various floating text options including avatar name, highest tip, last tipper and amount and total amount tipped
* change colour of floating text
* poof replaceable particle
* play replaceable sound
* free gift - or replace with your own
* split tips with as many avatars as you choose
* choose your own open chat texts which thanks the tipper
* change fast pay prices
* private channel message to owner - who tips and how much

These tip jars are personal tip jars and do not support logging on by other avatars.

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