Saturday, 20 February 2010

New! Khargo Grunge

Fed up of how perfect SL can look? We got the solution for you! Khargo Grunge specialises in the sort of furniture you'd find in a garage, basement or just some grungey back alley.

In our new basement Store the grunginess includes:

Skybox Basement complete with dripping water pipe and cobwebs

Sofa Set

Mattress Bed Set

Cuddle Cushions Set

Beanbag Set

and Living Room Set

along with some fun accessories and a glorious fatpack of all the grunge goodies - basement and all!

To celebrate the opening of Khargo Grunge we are giving away our awesome Grunge Stool in store. The stool is made with the same top quality sculpties, scripts, poses and textures as all our items in the new Grunge range. It has 7 poses and a whole load of textures to choose from.

Once you're at Khargo, right click the tp board to get to the Grunge Basement and pick up your free gift - and maybe a few other items:)

Khargo Grunge sets are also available on XStreet.

Grunge Basement
Grunge Beanbag Set
Grunge Bedroom Set
Grunge Cuddle Cushions
Grunge Living Room Set
Grunge Sofa Set

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