Tuesday, 2 June 2009


This June we are in 3 hunts - all lasting till the end of the month. 1st we have the SLD Hunt which started in May but is soooo big they decided to run for 2 months. They are using Magnifying Glasses for their items and our prize is the very awesome Meditation Globe.

The 2nd hunt is the Fun in the Sun Hunt (FITS) who are using a beachball. Our prize for this is a set of texture change signs.

The 3rd hunt is the Storybook Hunt. Look for the book to find our prize. For this hunt we created a texture and pose change bookcase (with book) and cushion. I absolutely adore it. We will be offering this prize for sale after the hunt so grab it now! :)

Athena Bookcase

Come and search for these gifts instore today!

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