Sunday, 30 September 2018

Khargo Halloween Market

Zombies and Skeletons rule at the new Khargo Halloween Market!

Khargo Halloween Market is back for 2018 with scary new item to send shivers down your spines - and a few cute ones!

Khargo Halloween Romantic Tree Log

Embrace the Fall and Halloween season with our very romantic cuddle tree log - with fireflies!

- land impact 15
- 68 couple animations, 20 single animations
- 2 spots to sit
- copy, mod
- experience enabled - props attach on permission


Khargo Halloween Zombie Family

The family who eat brains together, stays together!

- land impact 11
- copy, mod


Khargo Halloween Animated Buried Zombie

Because everyone needs a brain-eating zombie at Halloween, right?

- copy/modify
- land impact 5


Khargo Halloween Skeleton Boat - Out of Sim and In Sim Versions

A creepy ship with a skeleton crew!

2 versions are included - an out of sim version to place in linden water and a normal version for in sim decorating.

both items    - land impact 31
                    - copy, mod


Khargo Shark Surfing Skeleton 


Surfing is for life - and death!

- land impact 8
- copy, mod


Khargo Halloween Planter

A cheerful seasonal Planter for Fall and Halloween landscaping

- land impact 6
- copy, mod



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