Saturday, 18 November 2017

Khargo Christmas Market - Event Exclusives

This month we are taking part in 2 events; TWE12VE and the Autumn Frost Fair. 

Christmas Chair with Pouf  at TWE12VE

This item has 2 spots to sit with couples and singles animations.  There are 15 single animations and 12 couple animations to choose from.  Two colours are included in the set-festive red and frosty blue!

TWE12VE runs from the 12th till the end of the month.  Get your TP  >>> HERE<<<

Christmas Decoration Table and Frame at the Autumn Frost Fair

Let the festive preparations begin!

The Khargo Christmas Decoration Table consists of 2 items.

1 - khargo christmas decoration table

2 - khargo christmas decoration frame

The Christmas Decoration Table has 1 spot to sit with 3 animations to choose from.  Find it on our stall at the  >>>Autumn Frost Fair<<<

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