Thursday, 24 November 2016

Khargo Christmas Market - My 60L Secret

We have two festive items for My 60L Secret this weekend and a cute new release.

Khargo Christmas Tree - Modern

A fun, interactive Christmas tree for your festive home.

1 khargo christmas tree - modern
- land impact 14
- copy, mod
- 1 spot to sit with 6 single animations
- experience enabled
- props rez on animation change

Find it at Khargo Christmas Market in world or on the Marketplace.

Khargo Christmas Dog House

Pamper your pooch this Christmas with it's own pimped out kennel!

2 versions are included in this item - 1 with an adorable basset hound and one without so you can use it for your own pet.

1 khargo christmas dog house with dog
- land impact 13
- copy, mod

2 khargo christmas dog house without dog
- land impact 10
- copy, mod


Khargo Hurricane Lamp

Shine a little light this Christmas with our festive hurricane lamp.  Perfect for gifting or home decor.

1 christmas hurricane lamp
- land impact 4
- copy, mod


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