Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Freaky Furniture

Add some spooky style to your halloween decor with the Khargo Halloween Sofa Set.

This whole set is made with the best mesh, textures, scripts and poses SL has to offer and consists of 6 items which are:

1. halloween big sofa, land impact 13, copy, modify
- 3 spots to sit with 7 single animations each
2. halloween medium sofa, land impact 10, copy, modify
- 2 spots to sit, 2 couple spots with 55 couple animations and 7 single animations.
3. halloween small sofa, land impact 6, copy, modify
- 1 spot to sit with 10 single animations.
4. halloween coffee table, land impact 15, copy, modify
5. halloween side table, land impact 10, copy, modify
6. halloween rug, land impact 1, copy, modify

This item has the option to choose between different animated poses simply by clicking the item you sit on and you'll get a menu to change your poses.

Some animations also give an item or rez a prop when you choose the appropriate animation.

Come and try it at our in world store or visit the SL Marketplace!

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