Friday, 8 May 2015

Khargo Cuddle Cushions

This weekend we're taking part in My 60L Secret sales event.  For this event we're launching the Khargo Cuddle Cushions.

The Khargo Cuddle Cushions are probably the most versatile cushions you can have in your inventory.

Use them indoors or out - where ever you need a place to cuddle :)

The Khargo Cuddle Cushions have the option to choose between different animated poses simply by clicking the item you sit on and you'll get a menu to change your animations.

Some animations give a prop to use. Simply click "yes" on the pop up and the prop attaches - and then disappears when you change to a new animation! No more trawling through your inventory to find the prop!

 This whole item is made with the best mesh, textures, scripts and animations SL has to offer and consists of :

1 cushions
- 6 different styles
- 3 LI.
- copy, mod.
- 2 spots to sit, 21 single animations and 68 couple animations

Find the Cuddle Cushions for the offer price of 60L$ on the Marketplace or at our inworld store this weekend!  After the weekend the price will rise to the regular price of L$150

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