Friday, 20 July 2012

Tane Campfire

The Tane Campfire is this Summer's perfect hangout spot for you, your loved ones and friends.

The Tane Campfire comes with 2 versions - with palm trees and without - to fit in any landscape.  The Tane Campfire has 45 textures to choose from to suit any style. 

tane campfire texture change

This Campfire has up to 5 spots to sit, including 3 single spots with 8 animations each and 2 couple spots with 7 single animations and 35 couple animations, making it ideal both for parties or romantic cuddles.  The Tane Campfire is also equipped with various props, including a guitar and a book, which it gives when you choose the appropriate animation.

This campfire is probably the most advanced in it's field you can find in SL and combines amazing textures, sculpts and scripts with the best animations.

Come and see the Tane Campfire at our Main Store or check it out on the SL Marketplace

You can also find more pics on our Photobucket.

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