Friday, 16 July 2010

Tipping Point

There's lots been happening at Khargo: Tip Jars. First, we updated our tip jar scripts to include a feature many people have asked for - the ability to adjust the floating text above the Tip Jar to reflect it's use. So if it's being used as a split percentage - maybe for a duo - then it could be called Ke & Sel's Tip Jar (as an example) or for a venue - My Wish Tip Jar.

Ke has been playing around with animating prims which has led to our new Animated Tip Jar Range. It's a small range just now comprising of a Tipping Cow (after the urban myth of cow tipping) and a peek a boo ALF in a box - tip him if you dare! We have more ideas coming up for this range :)

We've added a lot of new tip jars to our standard range - from a simple sculpted "Tip Jar" to a very cute voodoo doll and many different styles in between - check out the slide show for the new additions or see the complete Standard Range at our Flickr, our in world store - Khargo: Tip Jars or on Xstreet.

All our Tip Jars are made with the best sculpties, textures and low lag scripts you can find. Khargo has been building all sorts of different tip jars since 2007 and is a well known brand amongst artists, hosts, venues, dj's and other people who use tip jars
Our tip jars are probably the most advanced and most original you can find on in SL and are really easy to configure through a simple notecard.

Features include: Floating text for changeable name,
last tipper,
highest tipper,
total given
colorchange floating text,
split % tips,
give gift,
play sound/particle on tip

Finally, we've also been making some custom Tip Boards for artists including Skye Galaxy, Gina Stella, Arturo Martinsyde and Anek Fuchs - look out for them at their gigs around SL. For your own Custom Tip Board contact Keanu Kharg to discuss your requirements.

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