Sunday, 27 June 2010

Time to BBQ!

Summer's here! So let's celebrate with the Artemis Barbeque and Drink Dispenser.


This set is made with a menu that lets you change textures (19 textures included in some of the items), tint, shininess, glow and brightness. This way this furniture can be changed to any style you want. The owner also has the option to make the menu available to everyone or only to himself. This menu is activated by clicking on the shadow prim of the item mostly.

It also has the option to choose between different poses simply by clicking the chopping board and again you'll get a menu to change your poses this time.

This whole set is made with the best sculpties, textures, scripts and poses in SL and consists of 2 items which are:

1. barbeque, 45 prims

- 1 spot for single sit with 7 different animated poses.

- texture, tint, brightness, shininess and glow changeable in 1 group.

- lid opens and closes.

- burners can go on and off

- 4 different wearable items to use with the bbq poses (knife, fork, salt and spatula).

- 5 different pieces of meat or fish to put on the bbq.

- several accesories to put on the barbeque, just to give that extra touch of reality: mustard, ketchup, spatula, fork, plates, pan, pepper and a plate with sausages

2. drink dispenser, 10 prims

- texture, tint, brightness, shininess and glow changeable in 1 group.

- hands out drinks when touched

- drinks animate your AV when you wear them.

All these items can also be bought individually in store or as a set on the SL Marketplace.

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